Celebrating Growth

After 15 weeks of practicing Nonviolent Communication with 20-25 residents at Donovan Correctional Facility, I am celebrating the humanity, connection, and growth that the volunteers and I were able to witness together.

Below are some excerpts from the feedback forms that fill my heart with joy. ❤

A deep bow of gratitude to all who support this work, both visibly and invisibly. You have contributed to a more compassionate and peaceful world. I am grateful.

What is one thing that you learned?

  • How to be empathetic and see empathy in a world that needs more.
  • I’ve learned how to love more than I thought I could.
  • I learn to see the human and good in others.
  • I learned to communicate with my family in a more compassionate way. I can hear others without judging them or trying to fix them. I learned the art of hearing others.
  • Communication is the key to our hearts and the key to understanding one another.
  • To not lose my humanity in an inhumane place and to strive for truth, enlightenment, and a better understanding of myself and those around me.
  • A man can show empathy in prison.
  • I learned that I am worth the change.

What do you want the volunteers to know about your experience with these gatherings?

  • I want them to know how much their time is appreciated. And that they are really helping and making an impact on us. 
  • I am a much better person, I shine, and my shining brings the shine out in others. Just being me. A baby Jesus. 
  • That an “old dog” can learn…that learning never ends regardless of the person and his capacities.
  • I highly appreciate your time, your work, and your efforts…I assure you that this program made me a better person. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for all your help. God bless you all.
  • That I appreciate their time and caring enough to believe in us. 
  • You all helped me recharge my batteries/aura/light every week. And it helped more than words.
  • That I am very grateful in them taking the time to come here.
  • They are appreciated/valued and that they will be remembered.
  • I learned so much about others and myself and I fully and forever feel the growth from this group.
  • That I am very grateful you have crossed paths with me and brought me a gift that will enrich my life and the others in my life.

Photo by Pedro Mac on Unsplash

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